"Pleasure, joy, grace, happiness, faith, abundance, infinite knowledge--all is available to those who surrender to 'The Path of Purification' (the title of a well-known work by Buddhaghosa, written in the 5th Century A.D.)."---Rev. Dr. Albert Gani

The Church of the Path

Sunday Sermons are presented each year in a new book. Each sermon in the book takes you through specific problems, how they were created.

It provides questions to help you work on the issue, and ways to turn it around and heal.

Titles Include:
Move, Love, and Learn | Faith, Sex, Death, and the Unconscious | Deeper Meanings

Self-Esteem, Not Worldliness | Be Renewers In Honour | Religion, Culture and Soul Knowledge
Broken and Mended Faith | Ridicule Conquers Narcissism | Create Your Own Reality®

Sacred Philosophy | Trinity in Motion

Sermon Compilations

Cost: $50/book + shipping/handling | Books range from 300-500 pages

Prayers and Code of Conduct on the Path

Cost: $25/book+ shipping/handling | 258 pages

These titles are available for purchase by contacting us.

Sermon Compilations

  & Prayer Books