The Church of the Path


"Pleasure, joy, grace, happiness, faith, abundance, infinite knowledge--all is available to those who surrender to 'The Path of Purification' (the title of a well-known work by Buddhaghosa, written in the 5th Century A.D.)."---Rev. Dr. Albert Gani

Know Thyself

by Rev. Dr.  Albert Gani


The painting by Ingres on the front cover depicts the power that self-knowledge has to destroy guards and to annihilate the evil that lurks behind them.

...Your self-knowledge will thus cleanse you and strengthen you, liberating you and those around you. Hopefully this book will show you how to do it.

-Rev. Dr. Albert Gani, Know Thyself

This book is for you if you have the courage to want to know yourself. We recommend that the reader take from this manual only what he experiences and what he experientially believes, while putting aside the rest, but keeping an open mind to it.

A lot will be said here that may go against your deep religious, sociological or family beliefs. We do not present it to engage you in a fruitless philosophical or theological debate. Be guided by what you can experience and do not believe anything that you do not experience. Take only what is convincing to you.

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